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          Rubber Auxiliary DHJH-A

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          Chemical name: Compound of activated zinc soap of high fatty acids


          Appearance  Blackish green flake or granular soild 
          Melting range   98-104 
          Ash%  12.0-14
          Zinc content % 9.0-11.5 
          Lodine value gl2/100g 40-50


                   It is perfectly suitable for NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR or its blends. It can be used both in blender mill or Banbury mixer. At the processing temperature, it can decrease the rubber's mooney viscosity rapidly, so as to improve the plastication efficiency and reduce energy consumption greatly. This product can increase rubber imixings's flowwability and accelerate its blending, it also can activate crosslinked rubber, and enhance the rubber's reversion resistance and wear resistance, and provent SBR from cycilzing.

          Package: 25kg paper bag.