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          Plasticizer, Peptizer A-86

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          Chemical name: 2,2'-dibenzamido dipheny disulfide; dithio-bisbenzanilide, active agents, inert carrier and organic dispersants.


          Appearance   Blue flake
          Melting range  50-60
          Ash %  16-18
          Heating loss %  0.5


                    A-86 is specially formulated peptiser suitable as masticaion aids in a variety of processing conditions for nature rubber or unsaturated synthetic rubber, and should be added at the beginning of the mixing cycle, internal mixers or open mills. It can enhance the miling efficiency evidently at processing evidently at processing temperature over 70℃, and at 150℃ to 160℃, the effect is the best. It can promote the molecular chains to break and reduce the miling time, so as to decrease the cost of rubber processing.

          Package: 25kg paper bag.