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          Application of antioxidant in all aspects

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          With the development of engineering plastics industry, the use of antioxidant is more and more extensive and the demand is increasing. The following is an introduction to the application of rubber antioxidant in different aspects, which can be roughly divided into six aspects:

          1. Applications in polymer materials:

          Antioxidant is an effective antioxidant in polymer materials, and is an effective stabilizer in polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl ether. It can prevent color change and mechanical strength loss in polystyrene and its copolymer

          2. Application in the rubber industry:

          Anti-oxygen agent is a kind of phenol anti-aging agent commonly used in rubber, which has a protective effect on the heat and oxygen aging of synthetic rubber, acrylate and latex products such as natural rubber, butyl, isoprene and ethylpropylene.

          3. Application in industrial oil:

          This product is an excellent antioxidant additive for various petroleum products. It is widely used in turbine oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, heat conduction oil, brake oil, spindle oil and precision machinery oil, stone wax anti-oxygen antiadhesive.

          4. Application in fuel oil:

          Gasoline and diesel oil are unstable due to the small amount of sulfur and nitrogen compounds and olefin, so the stability can be improved after the addition of this product.

          5. Application in food:

          This product can be used as food additive.

          6. Application in medicine:

          It is used to prevent the rancidity caused by oxidation of vegetable and vegetable oils. It is also used in foods and cosmetics with high oil content, as well as anti-oxygen agents for food-grade plastics and packaging synthetic materials used to contact food.

          In general, antioxidants are widely used in polymer materials, rubber, industry, fuel, food and medicine.

          (Editor:ChengBang Chemical)